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On February 22nd 2014 I walked the Peaceline in Belfast! Below are photos from that w/e. This really caught the media attention as a good news story! I did ten media interviews and had a posse of photographers! Ulster TV turned up and BBC Radio. I sang on the Falls Road library steps(Photo9) as well as the Shankhill library steps(Photo 8) and went into shops and businesses giving out leaflets about a concert in April which was also going to raise money for the N. Ireland Children's Hospice. I had a police escort but there was no trouble! ( I had my famous 100 year old teddy Fitzroy with me!) I had no idea there was this dividing wall still keeping communities apart. It's been up since 1969. A very humbling experience and thrilling! Most people want to move on. I was freezing as I had forgot to pack my longjohns!

It all came about from a phone call I received from a Presbyterian minister with a church on the Shankill Road. He'd found out that one thing Catholics and Protestants had in common was their love of Elvis. He flew over to see one of my concerts and was thrilled because he believed this would bring them together. We had to see if the media in Belfast would get hold of this which is why I walked the Peaceline. People were really behind this good news story and it was on the BBC News website for over a week! I had cars stop and wish me well and lots of tooting horns! I stayed in the Europa, the most bombed hotel in Belfast but no problems! I was all dressed as Elvis on the Saturday when there was a knock at my door. I opened it and the maid screamed and nearly fainted! I got to the lift at the 9th floor and two youngsters were in the lift. They looked at me with shock! I told them to tell their friends that they'd met Elvis in the lift. They just nodded! I met so many people on the walk who were thrilled about this initiative. The question was....when I returned in April would people from both sides of the divide come together?