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I've been thrilled to record six CD's so far.

The Tribute to Elvis CD is a mix of the very best of Elvis, which I perform in my concerts, rock, ballad, and gospel.

The Tribute to Elvis at Christmas is a mix of well-known and not so well-known songs. There are a couple of songs for those for whom Christmas is a sad time and I hope they connect. There's also a Reflection. This links part of my story to that of Elvis and I hope it will be of some help and encouragement.

Tribute to Elvis: Gospel Favourites is a mix of Elvis's most-loved gospel songs into which he poured his heart more than any other songs.

Tribute to Elvis: More Gospel Favourites is more great Gospel songs!

I was just going to record one more album but realised there were too many songs! Thus, Tribute to Elvis: Welcome to my world and Tribute to Elvis: One last time.

I hope you enjoy them!

If you're interested in buying any of them then let me know by e-mail. E-Mail: [email protected]

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I have two books available.

" A Most Unusual Journey " charts my life, one-time hippy, rebel, actor, writer, director, teacher, vicar, chaplain to Worcester Warriors Rugby Club, and Elvis Presley artist! This book is searingly honest and will make you laugh and cry. There are contributions from my wife, Charm, and our children which will touch you deeply.What makes this book different in in its Reflections at the end of each chapter. These look at issues from my life that touch us all, bringing both encouragement and challenge: childhood, broken home, parenting, depression....

" Too many questions not enough answers...or are there? " came out of twenty five years as a vicar and hospital chaplain where I had to wrestle with so many difficult questions in order to try and bring some answers to people who are desperate, hurting and questioning. I believe that this side of eternity we will never know all the answers but we can know some of them. So this book attempts to give some answers to the issues of Sickness, Suffering and Pain, Science and the Bible, Why you can trust the Bible, Sin, Death, Heaven and Hell, Religions and Cults, and the Answer that really matters!

If you're interested in buying a book then let me know by e-mail.


A short film about my Elvis act is now available called " Finding Elvis! " It's a compilation of various gigs, interviews, and special moments and makes for an exciting watch!

If you're interested then let me know by e-mail. EMail:[email protected]