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About Us

Andy was born in Yorkshire but has lived in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Ireland, and Switzerland! It was here that he took to skiing and ended up in a downhill racing team!

He is married to Charm who is Cornish so they make for an interesting mix! They have five children and nine grandchildren! They also have two dogs and two cats!

Andy trained as an actor and then ran his own theatre company, writing and directing. They toured the country and even performed at the Royal Albert Hall and the Westminster Central Hall! He had a play produced at The Putney Theatre in London called The Wasted Wheel which got good reviews in The Stage.

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He also taught drama in London and was a Drama Examiner.

His love of drama and music go back a long way! He has a LRAM from The Royal Academy of Music.

Andy has had a variety of jobs even working on the North Sea Gas pipelines!

He was a Vicar in the Church of England for over twenty five years, mainly on tough council estates. He was also Chaplain to Worcester Warriors Rugby Club. In 2009 he retired from parish ministry and they moved to the countryside. For over fifteen months Andy prayed every day for God's direction as he walked the dogs in the woods and fields. Nothing! Then one day after fifteen months out of the blue God said" Take Elvis to the churches." Andy thought it was his imagination but shared with some friends. The leaders at his last church were willing to put on a launching concert to see if anyone would come! That was in January 2011. The place was packed, Andy was terrified, but it was a great success! Since then Andy has been all over the UK to churches with a heart to reach their communities and it's been a thrilling journey to connect with those who would never normally come to church! He finds the Gospel songs really touch hearts and some stories he weaves in about his troubled childhood and teenage years and how he came through them has led to great conversations. That's why it's a unique Tribute Act because he knows it's a calling from God.

Charm is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Palliative Care.

Andy likes playing golf which keeps him humble, gardening and walking his dogs. He's often heard practising new songs up in the fields and woods!

Andy loves Yorkshire tea and is one of only a handful of people who have visited the secret tea plantation on the Yorkshire moors! He is also a trustee of Yorkshire Airlines! Ayup!